Project Management


Asset Management


Pre-Bid Advisory and Detailed Design Services


The Feasibility studies / Detailed Project Report assignments generally include following components:


Inventory & Conditions surveys Cross drainage & grade-separated structure design
Topographic surveys using Lidar / DGPS  /Total stations/Drone Environmental Impact Assessment & clearance, Environment Management Plan
Traffic studies Social Impact Assessment, Rehabilitation & Resettlement Action Plan
Road Safety Audit Quantity surveying Toll Plazas / Wayside amenities
Pavement evaluation using NSV/FWD Road furniture
Subgrade investigation & testing Economic & Financial Analysis
Geotechnical Engineering for Structures/Tunnels Forest & Wildlife Clearance
Pavement design (rigid / flexible), Land Acquisition
Hydrological & Drainage studies Bid Process Management for EPC /HAM / DBFOT/ ANNUITY based project
Geometric Design Cross drainage & grade-separated structure design